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DCC Specialties 246-PSX4 DCC Solid-State Power District Circuit Breaker -- 4-Block

FDT Low Price: $179.80
Sale Price: $161.82
You Save: $17.98 (10 %)
Item Number: 246-PSX4
Manufacturer: DCC Specialties
Manufacturer Part No: 246-PSX4

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The PSX series is a product of Larry Maier's 10 years experience in designing and producing intelligent, solid state, DCC circuit breakers and auto reversers. Patent pending. The PSX specifically addresses the increased inrush loads (currents) which occur due to large capacitors used for sound systems. This load appears as a system short circuit until the capacitors are charged. The logic in the new PSXs determines if the load is a true short or just an inrush overload.

"I installed one of your PSX-AR auto-reverse modules on the feed to my turntable, after having problems getting a Lenz LK100 unit to work. The Lenz unit was very unreliable, resetting and shorting all the time. When I substituted the PSX-AR, it operated faultlessly and invisibly right from the start, with no adjustment required. You don't hear any relay clacking or chattering and in fact you don't even know it is there. It is a pleasure to use your products, they are well engineered and produced and your support and customer service is excellent. " 
- Adrian G., Melbourne, Australia

"Our club in SW Florida installed 13 PM42's in 2004. Over the years we have seen half fail. Some due to electronics and others were relay contact problems. Our layout is large and relays over time will fail due to load and arching of contacts during short circuits.Today we are half way through converting to PSX and PSX-AR units. All the installed PSX and PSX-AR's are functioning great. We have added Sonalerts and Remote Status LEDs indicators.We especially enjoy being able to run 4-5 QSI engines on one power district. This was not possible before. They would not restart on the PM42 after a short.I've been an electrical engineer and involved in electronics for 50 years. The Command Stations/Boosters and circuit breakers/RL controllers are the base of the DCC infrastructure. Over time infrastructures must be upgraded or expanded. This is what I see in converting from the PM42 to the PSX and PSX-AR modules. The new modules are solid state and are designed for the higher current demands of today's DCC engines. Happy customer, "
- Lee D.

Re: Reverse loop inside another reverse loop question?
Actually, Ralph, the AR1 is really little more than a glorified set of switches that are activated by a mechanical relay. If you really, really want to get the bullet-proof fix, consider the combination short-circuit/ reversing gizmo ... called the PSX-AR, I think. Because the short circuit and reversing functions are integrated in a single chip, you don't have to worry about timing considerations between independent devices which themselves can react differently depending on loads, conditions, phases of the moon and how many old Archie comic books are in the atttic. You don't really need to think about anything at all other than what placement of gaps makes the most sense for you operationally. Hook it up, run trains and have a nice day. If something gets wacky, the device will flip-flop polarity for awhile and then finally give up and shut the whole shootin' match down. No mechanical relays -all electronics."


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